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About The Staff at Paper Moon

James Racioppi

Artistic/Stage Director


James has been creating puppets and scenery and performing with puppets for over 40 years on stage, on television and in films.  His work has been featured on The Captain Kangaroo show on CBS, in feature films, and on the Off-Broadway stage.  He founded Paper Moon Puppet Theatre in Monmouth County, New Jersey in 1989 and operated the physical location there until relocating to Maggie Valley in 2020. While looking for a permanent home in the area to operate, James takes his touring shows to various venues in western North Carolina. He is a graduate of The Cooper Union’s fine arts program in New York.

John McAllister

Administrative Director/Public Relations


John wears many hats with Paper Moon.  After acquiring a BA from Mary Washington University, John became an  expert in public relations after taking a career wrong turn into retail sales management.  Along the way, John taught himself jewelry design, glass fusing, pottery design, floral design and puppetry. He eventually made his creative endeavors his full-time career and handles the business and public relations side of Paper Moon, in addition to jumping in on occasion to save a puppet show.  His ability to make his own whatever catches his fancy has made him an indispensable part of Paper Moon.

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